By Zach Taiji

Earth Day might not be the most popular of holidays, but it may be the most important. Just one of 365 days in the year Earth is recognized for its beauty. Does that sound right? Just ONE DAY that celebrates the world which supports our entire existence past, present and future. We shouldn’t take this schist for granite! (geology joke… laugh please)

By Tim Trad

Not only is it important to get out and explore what Earth has to offer, but make sure future generations can enjoy the same things we did.






So why was Earth Day created?

In 1970, the idea for a national day to focus on the environment came to Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, then a U.S. Senator, after witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. http://www.earthday.org/ The holiday was a hit from the start! Earth Day achieved a rare political alignment between republicans and democrats, rich and poor, and etc. while times of war were present. If only that could happen in 2017… Or can it…?

Photo courtesy of The New York Times


By Takahiro Sakomento 

Take a hike! Go outside and breathe in the wonderful oxygen the trees have given us. With climate change quickly affecting the Earth, there is no idea when another significant feature of Earth will disappear. The only way we can start to preserve our world is to learn how to love it properly.


There are so many ways that we can make a change… Not just once a year, but everyday. Here are 5 ways you can help your world:

  1. Plant a tree or two.

How cool would it be to see your little tree grow up to be a big beautiful tree who don’t need no man to make them happy? #soproud

2. Recycle.

Literally it’s that easy. Learn what can and can’t be recycled. Don’t recycle trash that is dirty. Clean it out first. Then recycle it. BOOM. You’re welcome.

By Dennis “DieTa” Klein 

3. Compost your food and yard

Did you know that food scraps and yard waste make up 20-30 percent of what we throw away? Compost reduces the amount of garbage that you send to landfills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.  Plus, your friends will totally be impressed with your new hipster composting pot in the kitchen.


  1. Take a hike and pick up garbage along the way.

You’re right. Stopping for 10 seconds to pick up a chocolate wrapper will really throw off your workout. Or worse, someone might see you picking up trash outside! That would totally give someone the wrong message of helping the Earth… Said no one ever.

  1. Spread the word.

Here are some Earth Day hashtags to use the next time you make an

By Brooke Cagle

environmentally friendly

post on the interwebs!








Climate change is the biggest elephant in the room and we cannot keep ignoring it. Or if we do, our children will be affected by out actions. The time is now and we need to start hitting the ground running. Helping our environment will never be the wrong thing to do. The people of planet Earth can make a huge impact, so why not make it for the better?



Lauren Nicastro is a strategic communications major with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in business administration. Her favorite hobby is rock climbing West Virginia’s beautiful mountains, and she has been an officer for WVU’s Climbing Club for the last two years. Currently she is waiting eagerly to find out if she has been accepted into WVU’s Graduate School of Counseling to become a future school counselor.



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